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The ETTIS project concluded on December 2014 following the hosting of its final High Level Event in Brussels on the 20th November 2014. This event brought together researchers, policy makers, industry, and societal actors to discuss and disseminate the principle findings from ETTIS. In 3 years of assessing trends and threats in society ETTIS has made the following contributions:

  • From traditional security to societal security: ETTIS put forward an operational concept of societal security to support decision  makers and end-users  in practical settings.
  • Expanding the concept of ‘innovation’ as it pertains to societal research: ETTIS developed a taxonomy of R&I models, better suited to cover the broader boundaries of societal security, based on the rate of change and the type of concerns  at stake.
  • Practical processes for the identification of threats, needs, and solutions for society: ETTIS developed tools, methodologies and processes to assist researchers and policy makers identify threats, needs, and solutions within the societal security domain. This included a three-step-process for the development of context-based threat scenarios and subsequent identification of threats and societal security needs.
  • Policy and priorities settings in societal security: ETTIS has made a contribution on how to identify research priorities and set up research agenda for societal security by putting forward an adaptive 4 phase model of planning.



All deliverables produced within the ETTIS project are archived, free, and publically accessible from this website under the Research & Results tab.



Project type: Collaborative research project
Funding scheme: European Union Seventh Framework Programme (SEC-2011.6.3-1)
Start date: 1 January 2012
End date: 31 December 2014
Coordinator: Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO)
Grant agreement number: 285593
EU contribution: EUR 2,285,586.13